EPF KYC UAN KYC Update Pan, Aadhar, Address, Name, DOB etc Process

This is more important for the employee must update the KYC with the universal account number database. The Aadhaar card is the most useful documents for the purpose of updating the EPF KYC. Now Aadhaar card is necessary for the employee provident fund organization.

Now, the employee can update the KYC in the online and complete the process digitally. It is the traditional method for the employee to update the epf KYC through the employer. The employee makes sure the importance of updating the KYC in the universal account portal and maintains the proper documents at the time if activation.
KYC Update chart flow:  Employee>> OTCP / uan Portal >> Upload document>. The employer has to sign digitally or mauannly>> epfo nodal officer approval.

Whole time takes 48-72 Hours.

UAN KYC Update Mobile Number & email

since you logged into the uan member portal.

goto>> Profile>> select the following sections

  1. Update Mobile Number’
  2. change email id
  3. change password
  4. Edit personal details
  5. Upload KYC documents

mobile number changed forgot uan password.

Steps to upload the KYC for the EPF uan portal:

The epf KYC update maintains the necessary documents. these include Aadhaar card, driving license, passport, PAN card, ration card, bank account number, and few others. It is the mandatory one for updating the KYC in the unified portal. The KYC details are updated with the employee provident fund universal account number portal. it makes the process of updating easier and faster.

The process of uploading the KYC details:

furthermore, In order to upload the KYC documents on the employee provident fund with the help of the universal account number, follow the below steps for updating KYC details:

  1.  The employee must visit the employee provident fund organization member portal with the employer.
  2.  An employer can do anything about the epf KYC update for the purpose of getting the provident fund easily.
  3.  The page is displayed on the screen and then click on the profile on the top bar.
  4.  Now, the employer clicks on the upload KYC documents from the drop-down list.
  5.  After click on the KYC documents, you will upload the scanned and self-attested copy of the documents in the portal.
  6.  The document KYCe within the 300 KB only and not exceed and the documents should be either jpg, pdf, png or another format.
  7.  Once upload the documents, the status of the KYC document shows the pending documents. The employer verifies the documents and gets the approval status of the documents.

Uan KYC Update Process part II

  1.  After the documentation is verified by the employer and the new document is added to the universal account number database.
  2.  The employee gives the copy of the KYC documents to the employer and later, the employer digitally approves your details.
  3.  The employee receives the confirmation message about the updating process of the KYC in the portal.
  4. How to update the KYC details in the employee provident fund:
  5.  If the employer verified the documents and match the documents for further details, the employee must digitally attest the document.
  6.  Once the document is approved by the employer, the employee provident fund organization authorities also verify the document and then approved.
  7.  If the document does not be approved, you can contact the employee provident fund organization helpline. employees can directly mail to the unified portal.
  8.  After all the above process is completed, the KYC details will be updated in the EPF uan system.
    Some key points of the KYC documents:

Uploading KYC documents to uan portal

The employee must maintain the basic documents like bank account number Aadhaar number. other documents are so important to update the KYC status in the unified portal. The employee must update these documents in the universal account number database. For the future use for getting the provident fund money easily. The epf kyc update is the best tool of the employee provident fund member. it further reduces the confusion of the provident fund.

The PAN card is the most important one for withdrawing the employee provident fund. The bank account number is to get the employee provident fund payments easily.

In present days, the employee provident fund organization provides the provident fund via the electronic mode directly to the bank account. Aadhaar card improves the authenticity of the employee provident fund withdraw without the sign of the employer. So this type of document reduces the confusion while getting the money from the EPFO.

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  2. epfo claim status,
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