Update New password & mobile number in epfo UAN Portal

now epfo members can easily retrieve forgot uan password and uan password in case of mobile changed. there 4+ options to know forgotten the uan number. 3+ options for resetting the uan password. 2+ option for knowing forgotten pf number.

2 ways you can change mobile & Password

  1. By login to the UAn portal when your old password working.
  2. Update new mobile without a password and reset both mobile and password.

Reset uan password forgot mobile number changed

This process involves steps: forgot uan, mobile password

  1. visit uan portal click on forgot password>>
  2. Enter uan number>>
  3. click on NO to change the mobile Number>>
  4. verify member details by KYC>>
  5. enter new phone number>>
  6. Authorize OTP>>
  7. change the password and log in.

first of all, visit the uan member portal here https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ as seen on the above image. click on forgot your password. 

Enter the UAn Number and fill the captcha and click on Verify.

UPDATE NEW Mobile Number in EPFO UAN Portal

To change the mobile Number or verify existing mobile number 3rd step is useful. but member mobile changed, in this case, click on No update new mobile number. then change password etc.

The 4th step takes sometimes to rendering uan number and captcha. Member matching details of

NAME, DOB, Gender, KYC to verify either aadhaar or pan. enter aadhaar number or pan card number and then click on verify.

If the KYC document verified along with member details. The uan member portal asks you to enter the new mobile number. Blast!

you got your forgotten uan password back

Sometimes it maybe failed to verify the uan details of the member. then you get above message. forgot  uan password

The 5th step is the final one because you verified your account details remaining all not matters.

Reset forgot uan password without mobile number

just visit the members claim portal OTCP. Register with KYC and working Phone number. Then Request UAN Status password etc. I guess this way not works. because OTCP functions for claim settlements like PF transfer and withdrawal.

how to reset forgotten uan password?

  1. on epfo uan portal beneath the login form. click on Forgot UAN password.
  2. then it asks you to enter the uan number. if you uan also forgotten then follow procedure.
  3. after entering the uan number your registered phone number appeared. then click on yes. to confirm mobile number through OTP. otherwise, click on NO to change the mobile number and reset the forgotten uan password.
  4. enter the OTP to authorize the process. then change the password. after that click on login with uan number and password.

Forgot Universal Account Number password and number how to find?

  1. with pf number using uan status, or ask your employer about forgot uan password.
  2. Now the employee can get pf uan details with 3 other details.
  3. pf number, aadhaar, pan card,
  4. name, dob, phone number details need to match pf account.
  5. Give a missed call from your registration number to 011-22901406.
  6. this number used to check pf balance by the missed call. when get pf balance details by SMS it includes uan and pf number etc.

How to retrieve forgotten epf number?

  1. the member can easily retrieve all pf accounts with uan number. it acts as the umbrella for all pf numbers.
  2. we may also know pf number by establishment search. (establishment means company) after finding the establishment code. the member can view all pf accounts with name dob pf details on epfindia.gov.in
  3. final way is asking HR or employer about pf account.
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