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Learn how to transfer pf to another pf account with uan number. PF Transfer one company to another while moving job automatically by the current employer. uan aim to reduce employer involvement in pf claims.

Previously the employee has to submit the form 19 signed by the previous employer to current employer. Then the company will verify the form 19 and process take to the age and result employees to transfer or withdraw their PF. Nowadays the transferring of provident fund is very easy with the introduction of the employee provident fund organization member portal. Here simple step to transfer PF with your UAN number on the EPFO website.

Steps to transfer PF with UAN

  • First, the employee should activate the universal account number. Then you can able to transfer your PF through EPFO portal.
  • Enter your universal account number, mobile number, the state of the employer located and others details.(note for activating uan visit the uan activation page)
  • After entering the required details you must re-check and then you have click ok button .if you need to check the eligibility for fund transfer then you just select on check eligibility.
  • Now the employee should submit valid ID proof like Aadhaar card, PAN card, and others.
  • Now the EPFO portal will generate the PIN number, and the PIN number will send to the employee registered mobile number. Enter PIN number for the verification.
  • The portal will take the employee to employee provident fund organization website. Select on request for fund transfer button.
  • Now the employees have to fill-up the form like name, IFSC code, email Id, bank account details and others. Then you want to fill the previous provident fund account details and fill the current PF account details.
  • The fund transfer form will verify by both past employer and present employer. They will attest the fund transfer form.
  • If the employees want to make any changes, then you make it to the submission. Enter captcha after than PIN or OTP  is generated. Now select on I agree on the button.
  • If the employees entered the PIN number generated to the employee mobile number, then you can claim fund transfer has started.

NOTE: Now EPf transfers automatically to the new employer with uan & aadhar.

  • PF transfer status

You can also check your PF transfer status in employee provident fund organization portal. If you have any problem, then you can conduct the employers to touch with EPFO. By using this portal, you can make various purpose such as check your EPF transfer status, download your PF Passbook, change your UAN password and much more.

  1. Pf claim status
  2. Pf transfer OTCP Portal OCP UAN Portal
  3. Pf withdrawal and transfer claim settled members claims portal epf India.

Rules & limitations EPF Transfer: 

  •  The benefit of The There is No Time Restriction from transfer to EPF balance.
  • EPF Scheme mentioned that only transfer the EPF Balance in your account but not transfer Third Party Account.
  • Transfer the EPF Balance, and Also transfers the Pension amount of Employee Pension Scheme can Also Transfer the Another Account.
  • It Can’t Transfer the Partial Amount From One Account Holder to another Account Holder.
  • One point is Noted that If You transfer the Amount From one account to another Account, You Should same Details of The another account like Name, Father’s name and Date Of Birth.

Finally pf transfer applicable for a same epfo member with the full transfer.

We can transfer pf balance with uan portal and epfo member claims portal too. But nowadays of transfer automatically done with uan number.

EPf withdrawal vs. Pf Transfer

  1. Epf withdrawal helps to withdraw the partial amount of the epf money to the bank account.
  2. But EPf transfer only in the mode of full balance transfer including eps pension fund.
  3. There is limits & taxes on epf withdrawal.
  4. No limits & taxes epf transfer easy way to close multiple pf accounts.
  5. The EPS scheme pension fund will not be available for withdrawal.
  6. Full withdrawal available at the age of 58 years along with pension amount.

EPf withdrawal Process online

epfo said there is seven days time settle the claim. But media said within 20days claim will be resolved. From May 2017 epfo announced launch online claim settlement. This would be done within 3 hours.

As of now, we fill the epf withdrawal form at member claims portal (online claims transfer portal OTCP for employees) member

Then employers can log in to OTCP Employer portal  Then approves or rejects them this is the reason to every employee check their withdrawal status online.

Online pf withdrawal

How to withdraw pf online with uan?

How To transfer EPF Account To Another account:

  • First We Have To Enter the EPFo  And create the UAN Login ID.
  • Next, We Have To enter The UAN. Mobile Number and  Required The Correct Details of The Employer like  State and Account Number.
  • Employee Have To Check The Account if eligible for Transfer the EPFO Portal.And We Have To Fill The state where Place to Locate the Employer and search by the Establishment number or Name from the drop-down menu.
  • Once You Have to Fill The Details you have click on Check Eligibility.
  • After that, the site checks eligibility if the account is eligible or not if it is you can register the EPFO website.
  • Next, You have to submit the Pan card, Aadhar card and Driving license. The site provides the PIN to your Register Number once you have to check it.
  • You can Submit The PIN successfully get a confirmation message through register mobile number. And continue to further.
  • Next, you have entered the EPF Member claim portal; you have to log in the portal to help the Document ID and Mobile number. Once signed in You Can see the All option.
  • You have to go the top tab and select the Request for Transfer of Amount.
  • Next, Fill The PF transfer Form mainly 3 points that are:

  1. First, enter the personal information part, enter your Name and Email Id and enter the IFSC Code of the Bank and salary Account number.
  2. Next, fill the Old PF Details and  The Current Details of PF account.
  • Once you have Filled the Details of the Pf Account, please check the Correct or Wrong Once modify.
  • After that, all the Above information is accurate and enter Captcha and get the PIN, and also I agree.
  •  Entering The PIN after that the Claim Transfer is initiated.
  • Given Above Process to Transfer the PF account from One PF account to another Account. You can Also check the status through Online.

The different way to transfer the PF balance

The PF balance transfer is available in two methods, and they are an offline method and online method. Now the employee can choose any method of the PF transfer. If the employee is a computer savvy person, then you can choose the online process of the pf transfer. Otherwise, you can choose the offline PF transfer method.

Steps to transfer PF fund in online

  • If the employees have already assigned the uan number, then they can transfer the fund without hassle.
  • First, visit the Employee Provident Fund Organization official websites and select the PF fund transfer link
  • The fund transfer link will display on the screen. Enter your mobile number and other details of the employer such as account number, state, and others.
  • Then the employees want to check if the PF account is eligible to transfer the fund on the EPFO website.
  • The employee needs to fill in a state where the Establishment located and searched by the name from the drop-down menu.
  • After the employee have to complete the entire details then select on check eligibility
  • The website will show if you are eligible or not and then the employee can register on EPFO websites.
  • The employee has to provide the valid ID proof such as PAN card, driving license, Aadhaar card and others.
  • The website will send the PIN to your register mobile number that the employee has to verify.
  • Enter the PIN number, and it will give the confirmation messages to your mobile
  • It will take the employee to EPFO member claim portal. To log in, the employee has to submit the ID proof document and the mobile number after login, the user can see the entire option.

EPf transfer method 2nd way

  • Go to the top of the tab and then click the request for the fund transfer.
  • Now the employee can access and fill the pf transfer form.
  • The first step the employee has to enter the personal information in first part. Enter The personal information such as name, date of birth, email ID, bank code, salary account number and others.
  • The second step fill the details of the old PF account
  • The third step fill the details of the current PF account
  • After filling the form correctly then the employee can check if the details are correct or otherwise modify.
  • After ensuring the entire information is correct. Then enter Captcha and get a PIN number. Now click I agree.
  • After entering a PIN number, the pf claim transfer is display.

Now the employee can check the fund transfer status through the EPFO portal. If you have any hitches, then you may write to directly Employee Provident Fund Organization. Today it is very to transfer the provident fund through the EPFO online portal.

Check PF status through claim ID

The employee provident fund organization allows the employee to make pf transfer, withdrawal and others. If the claim has approved b the employer then the employees are want to check the pf claim status. It can be done through the EPFO member portal, also using the mobile app and SMS. If anyone new to PF fund then this is how they navigate via the member portal to check the pf claim status. Steps to check the pf claim status through the member portal.

  • First, go to the EPFO member portal on the site, you click on the know your status button
  • Enter your state and regional pf office location
  • Now enter the establishment code and PF account number
  • Enter three digit code of the PF account number, and it is alphabetic or numeric
  • Then select on submit button, and the claim will pop up with the claim status ID.
  • Your claim status will appear on the display with the help of claim ID on EPFO member portal.

Another simple way to check the claim status through the EPFO’s mobile app, once he claims has approved then Employee Provident Fund Organization will send the text messages on the mobile.

Benefits of the Provident fund transfer

If you are closing the old pf account, before five years, then the pf account comes taxable. The employees simply transfer the pf fund, and they get to enjoy the earned amount in full. The employee can avail the pf withdrawal and pf transfer on the pf fund for a reason such medical expenses, purchasing a house, wedding, higher studies, and others.  The employees earn prevailing interest rate from the Employee Provident Fund Organization in the long, run and this is a substantial sum due to compounding power.


The employee can transfer the PF balance from one account to another account easily by using the EPFO online fund transfer method.

  1. There is no restriction of time to transfer PF balance, and anyone can transfer the PF balance to your account.
  2. They cannot transfer the PF account to the third person account.
  3. With the EPF transfer, the pension amount of the employee pension scheme gets transferred.
  4. The employee cannot transfer the amount from the PF account to the other PF account.
  5. The authentication is essential for the Provident Fund transfer.
  6. To transfer the PF from one account to another account using a name, date of birth, father name, and other details should be similar in both the pf account.

EPFO Claim status

After epf transfer or fill a request for withdrawal. When an employee has to check the epfo claim status regarding their pf claim.

Members can check epfo claim status through application id. Otherwise, they can check their pf number. This will be list all the claim made to the current pf account.

For checking epfo claim status with member id, visit the claim status page enter the pf number and click on get status

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