UAN Activation Registration online uan portal activate uan by pan aadhar etc

uan activation is now easy rather before method at the new unified uan portal. So uan portal members, why are you waiting for just follow the easy steps and activate uan. so we can check your pension fund tax-free daily accumulated income with epfo.

What Is UAN:

Before process for the UAN Activation let’s know about UAN Number. It’s allocated by epfo to every Members Presently Contributing to the Funds. forgot uan password lets reset here, The Employer can Download the UAN Numbers List and Provide it to their the employees by accessing the UAN members List to the Employer UAN portal.

NOW UAN is mandatory every epfo service, without UAN you cannot subscribe for the epfo scheme. main benefits is Easy transfer & withdrawal online without depending on employer & pf office. tracking your account balance. the best thing every employee can check whether the employer paid for epfo every month or not.

Benefits of UAN Activation:

Various types of benefits provided by activation.

uan Benefits:

  • The activation Of The UAN. can Help for the online services of the EPFO.
  • After the activation of the UAN,  we can access the Dashboard of the UAN member Portal.
  • we can Download the UAN Passbook Through the UAN Portal.
  • Passbook has the updated statement of EPF Contribution.
  • After completion of the Uan Activation, we can Check The Balance through the Messed Call Or SMS.
  • Next, You can Upload the Scanned copy of KYC.It can Help for the Online Verification.
  • You can use the simple method to Withdrawal, And it can Easily transfer the PF Online.

UAN Activation & Registration online

Universal account number(UAN), it provided by the employee’s provident fund organization to employees. Registration activation with UAN, it helps to link multiple pf accounts of to with single is involving transferring one pf to new pf automatically.

Various services provided for employees/pensioners, who are login into above UAN portal member portal. By using this UAN member portal to check EPFO claim status, PF balance and withdrawn information.If once employee register or activate Universal Account number(UAN) with EPFO, they should get above mentioned all services.

Download UAN Passbook

If employees registered or activated UAN they will get most of the details about Pf online. With the activation of the Universal account number(UAN), Employees able to check EPF Balance, EPF statement and download UAN passbook through UAN online portal. A UAN e-passbook consists of updated provident fund details available on online at uan passbook portal.

How To Activate UAN Account:

  • First Keep your Universal Account Number and EPF Number to Start with uan registration.
  • Next Visit Scroll down and Click on ACTIVATE UAN.
  • Click on “Read and Understand the Instruction.”
  • Next Enter your Universal Account Number, Moblie number, State and EPFO Number
  • Now enter the Characters shown in the text box and click on get Pin
  • After Entering the Details, Enter PIN record on your mobile and submit.
  • Then Create the username and password.
  • You can  Complete the Activation
  • Next step,  we have to visit the Uan Login Page
  • You Have Logged into your UAN Home Page. You can Now use the UAN Portal as your requirements.

Epf UAN activation on the mobile app

The Same process follows on uan epf mobile app. enter your uan number first, then fill up the details of member id or pf account. Click on activate, authorize the process with Mobile number OTP. Once you have activated, you can log into uan portal check epf balance or download uan passbook.

UAN Activation by SMS

Send an SMS from registered mobile in below format to  7738299899

EPFOHO ACT, <<12 digit UAN number>>,<<22 digit MemberID>>

>> Indicates space

view youtube video tutorials

Uan Activation on the Unified Portal

The employee provident fund organization has issued the universal account number to every employee. The employee can also get it from the unified portal. It is necessary for the employee to get all the services by provident fund scheme. Before going to activate, the employee must know about the major process involved in the universal account number registration.

Get UAN Number For UAN portal Login:

The provides the separate link for getting the universal account and also check the uan number status. The link redirects you to uan member portal, there you can enter the proper details to get the universal account number easily. On the universal account number activation on the unified portal, you can enter the employee provident fund account number or PAN or Aadhaar card number. Otherwise, you can also enter the name, date of birth, mobile number, email address and other things to get the number.

The Aadhaar card number and PAN are the optional one for the employee to get the universal account number.

UAN Status know how to generate uan number

UAN number links your EPF accounts with various employers along with eliminating dependency on the employer for the withdrawals. You can check whether your UAN number has been issued or not by your current employer.

we have mentioned few the steps on how to check the UAN status online. Follow the steps carefully in order to know your Universal Account Number status.

Step 1: UAN – EPFO Site

First of all, you need to visit the official website of EPFO, to know your UAN status. We have mentioned a separate link which will direct you to the EPFO site especially for UAN or PF number portability. The link to the uan portal.

Step 2: Hit the “Know your UAN Status” Button

Once you visit the link mentioned above, you will find a link on the left side upper corner. This link will be mentioned as “Know your Universal Account Number status” with an asterisk above it. Click on this.

Step 3: Provide Relevant Details

After you complete step 2 as mentioned above, you will be directed to a page “ Check Universal Account Number status” where you need to provide relevant information like PF number and many more. The details required here can be looked for in the salary slips or the EPFO passbook. However, if you don’t find the same, you better ask your employer immediately about the details and keep a record of it. You need to fill the following information:

  1. State: This is the state with which your PF account is maintained. It can even be the state where your employer has registered with EPFO. You can even find it in your PF account as two letters like MH, DS, WB, etc. These are provided at the beginning of the PF account number.
  2. PF Office: A state has a huge number of PF offices and your PF account is being maintained by one of them. You can easily guess the PF office by checking the numbers just after the two letters.
  3. PF Number: After you provide state and PF office you need to provide PF number. However, the PF number comprises the state as well as the PF office, you need to state them separately. PF number consists of 3 parts:
  • An extension which can be an alphabet like ‘B’ or number like “909”
  • A seven digit number which is exclusive to the organization
  • Your account number which is also a seven digit number.

or PAN number

or Aadhaar Number along with

  1. Name
  2. date of birth
  3. Mobile number
  4. Email ID is optional

click on get authorization pin to get OTP on your mobile, verify the same on the status form.

you may see uan number on the uan portal and a message to your mobile number.

Step 4: Get Your Universal Account Number status

Once you have provided or completed the above-mentioned steps, you will get to know whether your UAN has been generated or not. If it has been generated, you must ask your employer to provide relevant details about your UAN. After getting the UAN from employer activate it as soon as possible. This enables you to link your old EPF accounts with it and view the details you want to know from it.

That’s all you need to do in order to check your Universal Account Number status.

Next go for uan activation to complete uan portal registration.

UAN activation after uan status:

You can activate or register the universal account number before login UAN account number member portal. The employee can do the universal account number activation, from the uan member portal login page.

  • To activate the uan number, you must visit the uan epf member portal for the activation purpose.
  • After visiting the page, you just click on activate the UAN.
  • For the universal account number activation on the unified portal, you can fill a form and enter any of the details like universal account number, Aadhaar number, and PAN or employee provident fund member id.
  • After entering these details, you can enter the name, date of birth, mobile number and others on the login page.
  • The employee must use the registered mobile number while activating the uan.
  • UAN  is helpful for you to retrieve the password if you forget the uan login portal password.
  • After filling the necessary details for activating the universal account number, then enter the captcha code and submit the form.
  • In the registered mobile number, you can get the authorization PIN to send to your mobile number and enter it and then submit the form.

The final step of registration click on forgot the password to set the new password to complete the registration process.

 UAN activation for KYC update

Currently, the UAN Passbook provides essential information about pf balance based on the month and date wise transaction mode.  If you need to do any changes in the passbook, then follow the procedure for update KYC on uan portal.

How to do UAN Portal registration?

For UAN members, the new portal is available for checking UAN details, number, balance, profile, KYC update, pf transfer, withdraw etc.

  • Open the official link to new UAN Portal
  • Click on the new activation process which is must for the members
  • Tap on Activate your UAN on the new page
  • Click terms and condition and agree to proceed it
  • Then, universal account number activation form will be open on the screen
  • You have to fill necessary details with UAN number and supply Member ID and mobile number
  • Instantly, you will get PIN number for your registered mobile number
  • Enter your PIN number and complete the process.
  • Now login to UAN and view your current UAN passbook details

Benefits of universal account number activation:


  • It supports various types of online services of the employee provident fund organization.
  • Once the employee completes universal account number activation on the unified portal, they can access the dashboard of the unified portal quickly.
  • This number allows the employee to download the pf passbook through the universal account number portal.
  • After completing the UAN account number activation, the employee can check the provident fund balance, transfer and withdraw details.
  • Employees can also check the pf balance through missed calls and SMS.

UAN Number activation Benefits

There are several benefits available to the users who used to get the activation process and grab it accordingly. Some of the advantages are listed below as follows.

  • With the help of UAN number, download passbook
  • It is possible to look at anytime
  • Check the claim status via online
  • By giving missed call and SMS, you can view your balance
  • You will quickly update information in UAN member.
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