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UAN Member Portal Overview: it provides various facilities to epfo members. The main reason for UAN epf Portal existence is to reduce employer involvement.  Help Epfo members or employees to get their epf balance to the bank account on time.

Before knowing Features of UAN Member portal. Let’s look at uan Number features. uan stands for the universal account number. Its a 14 digit number unlike pf member id its unique it is for the lifetime. not changes organization another organization. It’s necessary to make pf contribution every month and pf transfer withdrawal etc. UAN number is generated by epfo for every pf account holder. But members have to know the uan and activate it for uan login for further facilities.

Here are main benefits

  1. Check pf balance with Uan member login.
  2. Get SMS Alerts On every transaction to epf balance.
  3. You can update KYC/ New Address within UAN login portal.
  4. Download UAn passbook / epf statement.
  5. UAn Number required for PF transfer and Pf withdrawal online.
  6. Only members of epfo Portal can check Pf balance by SMS, missed call on the mobile app.


  • How UAN Member Portal helpful Rather Than epfo Portal?

    1. Epfo launched epfo portal to know the employee KYC details. Like Aadhaar Number, PAN Card, Bank Account details.
    2. These features help to Avoid transfer /withdrawal. epf money to third party account with the help of the employer.
    3. Reduces The Employer Involvement in member account creation with epfo.
    4.  everyone in the citizen of India can register with epf without employment.
    5. Without UAN portal, if no employment then epfo Member need to withdraw money before 36 months. Otherwise, you can get difficulties when trying to get pf withdrawal. There is no interest added if the member lost employment.

    How to update Aadhaar in UAN login portal?

    1. Update e-KYC with UAN website: Just Log on by entering the UAN Number (Universal Account Number) and password.
    2. Go to profile section then select Update KYC, After that upload your New Aadhaar card.
    3. Updating aadhaar number with uan is necessary to keep epf accounts active. Although, aadhaar number is required to open a pf account and receive monthly contributions to the epfo account.  Also, it requires on pf transfer, and whole withdrawal thing now depends on aadhaar card along with pan card. The main benefit of aadhaar number is to reduce employer involvement in pf accounts and enhance the awareness of epfo account among small-scale employees

    UAN  Portal Registration?

    epfo member can register with the epfo portal. With the help of universal account number and Pf number.  Every epfo number allocated with a New UAN number. Your UAN Number was available with your employer you can ask them. Also, you can know directly on EPFO UAN website.

    UAN Status & Generating the Number

    For checking UAN status, you have just to enter the pf Number. If the universal account number is allocated, then enter your mobile number to get UAN details with SMS. Now with uan unified member portal, there is no need to know your uan number. Members can directly activate the uan portal login with pf number only. Members have to furnish the all pf member id details along with contact information of epfo member. Like father name and middle name mobile number etc.

    UAN Number Activation for portal login

    If you already know your UAn number and PF Account Number. Then visit UAN login portal. Right side below Login from You could see Activate universal account on UAN Activation form enter the details of Your PF, universal account number, Member details also set the password for UAN Login, After you activating the UAn successfully you can immediately log on to UAN portal. uan activation is the last step to get full access to and download passbook. With uan passbook member can check pf balance details very clearly unlike natural epf balance with pf number.

    Here we are provided uan activation step by step on a separate page. So why are you waiting? Just opt uan activation to complete member portal registration. If members are searching epfo portal login, then they directly login with uan number and password.

    download passbook

    Epf balance check by UAn Number: with UAN Number you can track pf balance. And also, on the mobile app, SMS, by phone call monthly SMS alerts. UAN Member portal also provides Below services to both employees and employers.if the members already registered. Then he /she can log into uan portal directly.

    After that, there are three main useful services for the epfo members. If we want to know pf balance, then opt for uan passbook. We can download uan passbook by selecting date between few months ranges like last month. Current month. Last six months etc. it’s just like downloading bank statement.

    uan portal services


    • UAN passbook download.
    • Download UAN card EPFO.
    • uan helpdesk.
    • PF Transfer with the universal account number.
    • UAN Employer Portal.

    click here to know epf balance and download pf passbook 

    UAN Status,

    Employees can check uan number status. to know their universal account number for getting benefit of uan portal services. Incase uan number not generated for you. you can register at uan portal. UAn Number generation is quite simple. Enter your pf numnber which used to check pf balance regulary on epf india website.

    Checking uan status is very simple epfo just need your pf number. visit the epfo memeber portal or unified portal.

    Enter your Member id or EPF Number. and click on know uan status. almost 90% employees allocated with uan portal. what if you got two uan numbers? one uan number must be blocked by contacting uan helpdesk. Lets come to the uan number checking part,

    after entering the pf id,

    uan unified portal asks your registered mobile number with epfo.

    so uan number will be sent by SMS. Approximatley you can get uan details within 2 days or couple of days. Then can go for uan activation or uan registration. there is only delay in knowing your universal account number but activation made immediately.

    Checking UAN status by Pf Number

    If you wish to check whether your UAN status is activated or not, then you have to go to the official portal of EPFO.

    • Employees must go to official site of EPFO portal
    • Go to the service tab and click on employees’ option
    • Click on Know status of UAN under service section menu
    • Choose the state where you are doing job at EPFO
    • Enter first two digits describes the name of the site

    Knowing UAN Number

    • Pick provident office region
    • Enter the PF number and details in it
    • Provide organization number and employees of the company
    • Fill details such as DOB, mobile number, password, confirm password and others
    • Click on check status button
    • Afterward, UAN is generated and receive a text message once you generated the UAN number



    More details regarding genearte & knowing uan status.

     check uan status at unified member portal

    UAN Activation

    EPFO’s UAn services regisrtation Is Now very easy. with help of universal account number. but we can registear with uan portal 3+ ways by activating uan login for uan number.

    Activating uan number on mobile app : Simple just download & open the epfo mobile app for android. click on members among pernioner and employers. and then click on uan activation instead of uan passbook to know your balance. enter your uan number and follow the below process at UAn Registration.

    UAn activation includes submitting details like UAcurrent, PF Number & verifying your currenct employer. along with furnish details pf member Date of birth, father name etc.

    UAN password:  while activatin uan the 2nd step asks for create password for uan login. after password creating and verifying mobile number you can do login to uan unifieid portal immediately.

    EPFO’sservices for employees: Update KYC, file online claims transfer it means we can directly transfer pf amount to bank account without visiting any office no approval from any officials like the employer, epfo officer. Pf transfer made automatic by uan number. Manage multiple accounts with one uan. Check other members details.

    read detailed process of uan portal registration.

    Activation benefits

    If you wish to activate in UAN portal, then use unique 12 digit number to every employee registered under EPF scheme. It provides different benefits that help you to access by making withdrawals from PF account, helps authorities to create a single account for the employees and others. So, this makes you achieve with UAN portal number to receive UAN number activation forever.  Some of the benefits are listed below as follows.

    • Checking PF status
    • Easily download PF passbook
    • One can update and correct KYC information
    • Quickly track the status of the claim
    • Check UAN status if you not yet received.

    Activation procedure 

    At first, the person has to activate the account in epfo login portal by following these steps. So, you have to follow this activation procedure if you wish to create an account in UAN Portal.

    • Go to the official page of EPFO link
    • Then enter “activate UAN under important links
    • After the above process, just fill the form given in the link
    • The person has to enter four details such as
    • UAN
    • EPF member ID
    • Aadhaar
    • PAN
    • The person has to fill the details such as name, date of birth, mobile number, email ID and others

    UAN activation Step 2

    • When you enter your mobile number, you will receive the message
    • Enter the captcha
    • Click on ‘Get Authorization Pin.’
    • After a few seconds, PIN number will be sent to your mobile number
    • Just enter the pin in the link
    • Submit the form.

    UAN Password creation for login

    • You need to verify them and create a password (Strong)
    • Remember the password, and it should be minimum characters
    • Set password which is easy to remember
    • Enter email address and submit it again
    • A small confirmation message will be sent to your mobile number

    How transfer epf balance with UAN portal?

    Now uan number I mean universal account number required for every transaction with epfo. That means contributing monthly epfo subscription also needs uan number.

    As of now, No Aadhaar number then, No epf or uan account. Modi government made a tremendous improvement in the epfo scheme.

    However, first thing is. First, we may also know about pf transfer or epf withdrawal without UAn Number in the past. But now pf website asks the uan number. Before initiating the transfer or withdrawal request. For transferring or withdrawing epf balance. Employees have to visit the member claims portal. Then click for withdrawal eligibility after submitting the employee details.

    So now epfo automatically calculates employee eligibility for epfo withdrawal.

    Once you are eligible for epf withdrawal, note that for pf transfer no eligibility is there. But transfer an possible with the same pf account from another employer. Know you more on pf transfer section.


    How to access UAN Portal without password mobile changed?

    Accessing the uan login portal without mobile number, in a case of password loss along with mobile number change. Then the only way to get back your uan password by contacting uan helpdesk portal.

    We have written the detailed tutorial on how to get reset uan password in the previous article


    UAN member Login to epfo portal

    Now the uan login portal was launched its rebranded as the unified uan member portal for employees and employer. You can log into the uan portal with the same universal account number and password credentials.some times pf website not works due to technical issues and high data load made by epfo members. You can find the more latest news on epfo uan member portal twitter hashtag. PMRY Launched to benefit the employers through incentives by paying employer contribution 8.33% to employee provident fund pension scheme EPS.

    Traditional epfo login portal is also working with brand new uan member portal which is launched in 2014 middle, and it got more popular with movie ads on cinema theater. Because all middle wage employees 6,500-15,000 spends the weekend on movies.

    If the member wants to do uan login, to check pf balance and transfer and withdrawal along with previous claims, then epfo member portal registration necessary. uan member portal gives various benefits to the members when comparing to the nonregistered epf accounts.

    Epfo Inoperative account login:

    in a case of you old pf amount hold with epfo. And employer closed the company etc. you claim your funds back to your bank account with inoperative epf account notification. This launched to gain access again to the uan portal and transfer withdrawal from existing funds. Presently there are 4 cores accounts are inactive with the fund of Rs.44,000 crores. 

    epf interest in inactive account: from 2012 there is no interest but after FY 2017-18 epfo also paying interest to inoperative accounts: if employee contribution received for 3months that account falls under inoperative. Also, the account with not made claims within 36 months along with the stopped contribution.



    UAN member portal Login & Registration

    easy rather than think, epfo and your employer already do half registration. However, uan registration includes, knowing uan number then activation login.

    Know about Your uan Number?

    The facts about uan number are its unique, and no one can attach with the same uan number. It is a protecting shield for all employees. Its secure every epf transfer and withdrawal.universal account number its portal when you are updating KYC and bank details. UAN number its flexible to check epf balance & downloading uan Passbook etc.

    How to get universal account number?

    Getting uan number for your pf account not so bad thinking, maybe if epfo allocated uan number for your member id, the uan number available at payslip or your employer. If you know your uan without employer concern, then directly visit the epfo login portal. Check uan number with your pf number or member three ways to know uan: On payslip, by the employer communication, uan number login portal by uan status.

    How to link Member id with uan Number?

    Linking member with uan number always possible by the employer. Another way is by sending an SMS to epfo. With uan number and epfo number. Linking pf accounts with uan member login also possible on the uan help portal.

    UAN Members e-Sewa Portal Epfo members e sewa portal it launched for the employer to settle claims for a while ago, now epfo sewa portal rebranded as the unified portal. So the employee can settle the claims there. Employees have to visit the member claims portal; I mean Online transfer claims portal OTCP. Then raise a request regarding epf transfer and withdrawal.

    3rd version unified un portal: Login: same as the old portal with uan number and password. But new unified portal has the best design and user-friendly options. Some other features like to activate uan number for uan login universal account number required. But with this new unified portal. No uan needed for uan activation. You can get instantly universal account number details with member id or pf number.

    Download /view passbook, update KYC, edit profile, change password details available after members log into the unified portal.

    If any problems with uan portal, members may contact the uan helpdesk portal.

    UAN Member Login

    : epf account holders. I mean pf members or uan members raising transaction up to 4000 daily. said Bandaru Dattatreya who is the Minister of Labour and Employment.

    Also said pf claim settlement reduced from 20 to 10days. If there is a grievance, it may take up to 15days. uan member login for claims portal to place a request against their pf balance.  Pf transfer and withdrawal request can be placed on OTCP Portal.


    password  TRRN for online payment employer.

    UAN Login process

    With the help of UAN, the person can verify PF account under the scheme of EPFO. However, the employees are utilizing the provident fund and then give UAN Number to all members in the scheme. So, employees are nowadays using this consists of UAN number, and this consists of EPFO members.

    Before accessing the UAN account, the employee must Sign in to the account by visiting the official portal. However, you need not create a separate username for Login. You need to remember your password and UAN number for login.  To sign in, the UAN member is required to grab attention on login procedure to choose from given password.  Here, the procedure is simple, and you need to do it for login to the account.

    • Go to the official link to UAN
    • Click UAN member e-sewa link for login
    • Enter activate UAN to open UAN activation form
    • Within next time, enter your UAN or EPF member ID in the link
    • Provide your DOB, mobile number, and other details
    • Give correct details to proceed
    • Your UAN will be activated by EPFO
    • Afterward, you can continue to UAN Login, and UAN will be activated soon

    How to recover forgotten password of UAN

    The employees, unfortunately, forgot the password and cannot open the link for accessing UAN process. So, they have to follow the below steps which allow them to reset the password on uan portal.

    • Visit UAN member e-sewa portal at the official link
    • Navigate to the Member Log in section
    • You can find UAN which consists of 12 digital numerical numbers
    • Enter UAN Number and captcha verification code as given by the officials
    • Click submit button to proceed
    • Your UAN number will be verified online
    • You need to enter login password and be reset by an SMS on your mobile
    • Now, your password will reset and thus easily enter the UAN portal in a simple manner

    Facilities to employees by UAN Member Portal


    PF Passbook helpdesk

    After you logged in to the UAN member portal, you will reach your UAN PF helpdesk. In this, you will find following option available in the given portal.

    • Download EPF passbook
    • Download UAN card
    • Lists of Previous members list
    • View status
    • File transfer claim
    • View transfer claim status and PF details
    • System generated one

    Ways to transfer EPF balance to another account via UAN

    There are four ways to do the transfer process from one account to another account of EPF balance. It should consist of several methods to do this transfer process without any hassle.

    • Use of offline transfer
    • Easy online transfer to OTCP portal with digital signature
    • UAN transfer by joining employer
    • Account holds by UAN employers


    Pf passbook download

    UAN Portal login

    Epf India Portal


    UAN portal benefits

    1. EPF online payment
    2. Updating KYC online
    3. Listing Members ID
    4. Pension withdraw
    5. PF withdrawal
    6. PF transfer
    7. Acquire claim status
    8. UAN card
    9. EPF passbook
    10. EPF Balance